Frequently Asked Questions for Alaska Tour Packages

• What is the cost for an additional adult or a child?
• The cost will vary for both an additional adult traveler and child. The cost depends on the number of people sharing lodging, the vehicle size that is shared and the age of the child. Each additional adult or child rate is discounted around how you would like to have your lodging and rental vehicle coordinated.

• When is the best time to visit Alaska?
• Alaska is a wonderful place to visit anytime of the year... the summer tour season begins around the middle of May and ends around the third week in September. You should be aware that wildlife viewing can be limited in some areas in May. For example the shuttle bus road in Denali National Park does not offer a full tour to Wonder Lake until after the first week of June. Just let us know what your interests are and we will make sure that there will not be any seasonal schedule conflict with your travel dates.

• When is the mosquito season?
• The mosquito season can vary around location and weather. If the summer weather begins early and there is a warm spring, the mosquitos tend to be worse earlier in the summer season. The best advice is to always plan for mosquitos in your travel packing and be prepared. We include information and suggestions in your travel book.

• What type of lodging is included on the tour?
• We customize each tour around the lodging preferences of the traveler. For example if you would prefer a B&B or lodge that has a seperate entrance and kitchen, we can typically accomodate your needs. While we do provide lodging in motels, we have found that B&B's or cabins tend to have larger rooms, better views, more amentities and a breakfast meal included. All B&B lodging provides a private bath. You may want to have a combination of different lodging style, just let us know what works best for you.

• What type of meals are included on the tour?
• We provide information in your travel book for suggested restaurants. Each community offers fine dining, local favorite restaurants (that are budget oriented), excellent deli's and quaint cafes. The many scenic drives in Alaska offer a variety of picnic locations. We provide information in your travel book for suggested picnic stops along the way and grocery stores that offer a prepackaged picnic lunch. When a meal voucher is included you can choose any item(s) off the restaurant menu. If you would prefer to stay in lodging that offers a kitchen or kitchenette, we will provide suggestions for grocery shopping in each community.

• Are meals provided for special dietary concerns?
• We will do our best to provide meals around any dietary restrictions. All of the lodging locations will make every effort to provide for specific meal requests.

• What happens if there are poor weather conditions?
• There is always a full refund if any event is cancelled due to poor weather conditions. There will always be a representative from Rainbow Mountain Adventures following your tour and available for communication if unfavorable weather conditions should occur. In particular we follow all flight seeing tours and flights for transportation to monitor travel conditions.

• Are your tours available for travelers that have a disability?
• If you have a disability we will work closely with you to alter the itinerary to offer your the best possible travel options. We are able to provide information on lodging facilities (for example the number of stairs), bathroom facilities available and day tours that may be best suited for your needs and interests.

• Are there locations to do your laundry along the way?
• Your travel book will provide you with information for various locations to do your laundry along the tour. We provide a suggested packing list and article in your travel book. Many of the lodging locations have laundry facilities available for their guest to use. We also provide information for laundry facilities (some offer a drop off service) for each community in your travel book.

• What do you recommend for airline transportation if your tour starts in one city and ends in another?
• Alaska Airlines offers flight service into six different locations in the Inside Passage; Ketchikan, Petersburg, Wrangell, Sitka, Gustavus & Juneau. All of Alaska Airline flights are one way fares, you do not have a financial penalty for booking a one way flight. Alaska Airlines is the only commercial airline that offers service into the communities located in the Inside Passage. You will often find Alaska Airlines best rates and web specials online at Alaska Airlines does offer competitive rates into Anchorage along with many other commercial carriers; for a competitive airline rates into Anchorage you may want to visit Most flights into Fairbanks are offered by Alaska Airlines, (even though the flight might be coordinated through another carrier).

• What are common road conditions in Alaska?
• The highways and byways in Alaska are well maintained and very scenic. All of the highways are two-lane highways with the exception of the Glenn Highway from Anchorage to Wasilla. Your travel book will include travel articles, maps and sightseeing information on Alaska roads that are included in your itinerary. We provide information for service stations, scenic view points, wildlife viewing areas etc...

• Why kind of maps do you provide in the travel book?
• We provide a map for every vendor through out your tour. We also provide maps for sightseeing, day hiking, side trips etc... Because Alaska is such a rural state, detailed maps are often not readily available and are limited with details. Our maps are hand illustrated in a computer application to provide direction details to make sure your travel day is stress free and you can easily travel from point "A to point B".

• Can we use different day tours that what are included on your tour packages?
• Just let us know if there is a day tour you would like to subsitute and we would be happy to help you with any changes. We tend to work with small family owned companies and do seek out the small group travel. For example if you would like to be on a large day cruise boat, we could easily exchange one day tour for another....just let us know what works best for you.

• I see that you have day hikes included on your tours, what level of fitness do you need for these day hikes?
• Your travel book will include suggested day hikes that are available through out your itinerary. Many of the day hikes suggested in the travel book are short day hikes (less than a mile) to scenic locations that offer good wildlife viewing possibilities. Once you have received your travel book a representative from Rainbow Mountain Adventures will be available by phone to go through each day of your itinerary and travel book for any questions or concerns you might have. This is also a good time to go over possible day hikes and poor weather options for any weather concerns while traveling etc...

• What level of fitness do you need to have to participate and enjoy a tour?
• All of the day-tours and activities that are included on our tour packages do not require any special skills. If you have any physical limitations just let us know and we can easily modify your itinerary for activities that fit your comfort level.

• Do you offer any special planning for family celebrations & honeymoon packages?
• We enjoy the opportunity to help you celebrate a special day, family celebration or a honeymoon vacation. We will go through suggestions and ideas for a celebration during the tour planning stages.

• Do most cell phones work in Alaska and is there easy access to the internet?
• Most travelers are surprised to find out that cell phone reception is quite good in most Alaska communities. There are limitations on many of the drives/highways between communities. We do gather your cell phone details (if available) incase there is a need to communicate with you during your tour. For example if there is a change in the weather and a more optimal time available for your flightseeing tour, we will contact you to see if you would like to change the tour flight time. Many of the lodging locations do offer a free internet service. Your travel book will include internet services available in each community.

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• How flexible is each tour package?
• Each tour can be customized for each individual traveler or tour group. For example if one person would rather go Halibut Fishing and another on a Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise just let us know whatever alterations you would like to make to your itinerary.
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