"We are use to traveling first class and with Rainbow Mountain Adventures it was evident we were at the best B&B's, best restaurants, personal tours, excellent transportation and first class communication and information from you. We couldn't have enjoyed our trip more."

- Don & Michele H.

"I honestly feel there is not another tour guide in the whole state of alaska that could match your ability to set up a tour so precise and smooth running…from your little rest periods to your breath taking drives. I would not say this if it wasn't exactly like it was. We never met one person that didn't act like they had known us and liked us from birth."
- Joe & Judy G.

"Our family of 5 with kids ages 6,11 & 14 had the time of a lifetime. You planned a perfect trip for us, so wonderfully catered and fantastic for both the kids and the parents. It was way more than we could have dreamed of."
- Perls family
"Thank you for a great trip, Ruth and I had a wonderful time and everything went like clockwork. Ruth was especially impressed with the level of detail every step of the way and the clear and accurate directions. Your reputation among the people you deal with is unreal. Everyone from the B&B owners to the restaurant owners you Rainbow Mountain in the highest regard. Flashing the Rainbow Mountain coupon instantly elicited a positive response and a friendly welcome."
- Eugene & Ruth S.
"Thank you for making this 50th birthday dream vacation become a reality. While I know I could have planned it myself, I know we would not have been nearly as prepared and we would not have met as many interesting people along the way. Your knowledge, guidance and enthusiasm were invaluable. As you know, this was not my choice of destinations but my husbands and through our conversations, you made me excited. Alaska truly is a magnificent place. I'm recommending you to everyone!"
- Kathy & Vince W.
"Seldom do you see a company that provides the service they present in their brochure, your tour was so far beyond anything we could have imagined….you do everything you say you are going to do and then more. We had an amazing trip!"
- Larry & Judy W
"You are the Best. the only way to really see and experience Alaska is by land. The tour schedule you planned out for us went off without a single hitch. People were where you said that they would be and vouchers were accepted without hesitation. The phone calls that you made to our hosts along the way meant a lot to us. You've won us over. We love Alaska and we love you for making this trip available for us."
- Keith & Connie B
"Because I was traveling with RMA I was prepared and did not loose any time to figure out what I wanted to do…once I had arrived at each location. In comparison to some travelers I met, I saw so much more then they did because I had my travel book. I did this trip as a single traveler and realized I could have never have done as well on my own."
- Bridgette R.

"One of the best vacations ever. We enjoyed the busy schedule combined with the independence to set our own pace with each day. Excellent organization - "the book" made the driving pleasant and stress free."

- Amy & Raul C.

"Rainbow Mt Adventures offered a very personable tour and worked very hard to shape the itinerary to our interests and needs. Your knowledge of Alaska and its people and facilities was invaluable.Our trip was a wonderful experience. Alaska's vastness, beauty and independent people make for a unique life experience."
- Raymond & Kathryn J.
"If you want to see Alaska on your own, but don't have the time or inclination to do the research…this is the way to go! Lots of information and suggestions so that you can pick and choose what interests you."
- Cindy & John U.

"It was a peak life experience that we hope to top next year..again with RMA!"

- Wayne & Millicent P.

"I feel like we saw "the real Alaska"! For people who view Alaska aboard a cruise ship they are missing out on the wonderful people and the beauty of this state."
- Maryanne & Jerry G.

"Had a wonderful time. I think we really got to see all the highlights of Alaska. The wildlife viewing and day in Denali National Park was a day to remember. Thank you for all of the details for all of the day hikes you suggested. We love to day hike and the maps were a big help!"

- Joan & Mark Y.

"If I had a wish list, Rainbow Mt Adventures…you filled it. Rainbow Mountain Adventures is a class act!"

- Phyliss & John S

"Rainbow Mt Adventures hit a home run for us!"

- Bruce & Sandy W

"I am sorry to be so slow in writing and thanking you for preparing such a wonderful trip for Chris and me. I'm still suffering from memory overload but what a great feeling- having all those super memories! I will be treasuring "The travel Adventures of Chris & Rita" book. I called it my travel bible and I can guarantee it was well used by the end of the trip."
- Rita E.
"For us this was a trip of a lifetime, we saw more and did more than we thought possible.
I liked that there were no surprise expenses on your tour, and that everything was paid for ahead of time. You did all the planning and we saw all the that we should have seen in every area on your tour. We had a wonderful time seeing Alaska. We will never forget it."
- Linda S

"Before taking your tour we priced cruises and other tours and we talked with many friends who have shared their experiences in Alaska with us. We feel that Rainbow offered us more freedom and flexibility and the best value for the dollar that we could have found. The thing that probably impressed us the most was how fast you worked out any snag we encountered. You were truly just a phone call away."

- Milton & Marilyn M

"For us this kind of trip was a wonderful introduction to Alaska. It confirmed for us that small and personal moving at our own pace is the perfect situation for our interests. We did not experience one hitch in travel organization! Unheard of!"
- David & Julie R.
"What a class operation you run! We had a great time on the trip. The trip accomplished all of my goals. thanks for putting it together so expertly!"
- Rick L.
"Fantastic 17 days! We saw the 'Experience Alaska ' movie in Anchorage on our last day and we realized that we did indeed EXPERIENCE ALASKA!"
- Bill & Nancy K
"We could never have had such a wonderful vacation without Colette's expert planning. We would definitely recommend Rainbow Mountain and would love to take another trip planned out by Rainbow Mountain Adventures. Our trip was fabulous to say the least. On a scale of 1 to 10, the trip was indeed a 20 (the trip went off the scale it was so fantastic)."
- Bruce & Fran L.
"Elizabeth and I had a wonderful time in the Land of the Midnight Sun! We have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for making sure all of the big and small details were always taken care of. The personalized tour was so easy and such a pleasure , thanks for your thoughtfulness."
- Elizabeth and Matt C
"Kathy & I just want to give you a great big "thank you!" for planning such a great trip to Alaska for us. This was our first time to the state and we loved it. Things went exactly as scheduled and planned, we had an absolutely superb trip. I can't imagine it can get any better than the trips you plan."
- Dave & Kathy E.
"We want to thank you for a wonderful trip to Alaska!!! The tour you put together for us was so much more than any of us expected. The accommodations, meals and tours were all top notch. We took hundreds of photos and the memories will last a lifetime."
- Fred & Donna D.
"There are no words to express how wonderful the Sourdough Travel tour was…the only thing we can say is that is was fantastic, wonderful, well organized & planned. It was a very memorable experience, we actually experienced Alaska, met people who really live and work in Alaska."
- John & Joan H.
"We felt so very well taken care of. It seemed like we were treated with special care where ever we went.
thanks so much!"
- Roger & Mariette K.
"I've been meaning to write you for some time now. Wanted to let you know that the Alaska trip you planned for Stephen and I was absolutely wonderful. It made our honeymoon so special and we will remember it always. Every place we stayed was fantastic and we enjoyed each one….even though we could have done without the giant mosquitoes at Denali, but we loved the cabin on the lake."
- Linda & Stephen B.
"Both Jack and I want to thank you for all that you and Rainbow Adventures set up for our memorable trip to Alaska. The whole experience was beyond our greatest expectations. The B&B's were all great, we met some very delightful people. The various suggestions and adventures you arranged were terrific. We will never forget Tracy Arm Fjord, the white water rafting, the plane into Denali, the Alaska Railroad, the dog sled rides, the Riverboat….I could go on and on.
A zillion thanks to you!"
- Jack & Sally F.
"Everything was as well planned as it could be done. We saw the wildlife that we really wanted to see and we got to see the Northern Lights. We have talked with several people that did the "cruise thing" and they are in awe of the trip we had."
- Dennis & Diane K.
"Thank you for the wonderful tour, we are so pleased with everything that we did on the trip. It's hard to say was our favorite highlight, but I would say all the nature trips, glacier viewing, whale watching and fishing, Bob caught a 151 lb. King Salmon. All the places that we stayed were great…each different and unique which was great.
thanks again and again."
- Jude & Bob K.
"Of course, Alaska will require a couple of visits (and then some)….however for only having eight days we really had a variety of experiences covering a lot of territory. You took the stress and worry out of planning our trip - so we could just relax and enjoy…and we did.
thank you so much,"
- Scott & Patti F.
"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for our trip. Everything was wonderful and went smoothly. All of our accommodations were great, if anything, they exceeded my expectations. My favorite was Traleika in Talkeetna. The cabins were spectacular and Whitney was a great host and so interesting to talk with. It was so helpful to have the book you provided and follow it - nothing up in the air and no decisions to make."
- Trish C.
I travel frequently and avoid large our groups. Rainbow Mountain provides an outstanding package of adventure and accommodation that can be tailored to the individual. Had a great time!
Jeffrey K.
"Just a note again to say Thank You so much for all of your efforts in our Alaskan vacation. We've now been home and have had sometime to unwind and reflect and we can't say Thank You enough for some GREAT memories. Joe and I especially want to say Thank you for making our 5th wedding anniversary so special with the great cheesecake in Hope at the Seaview Cafe and for the wonderful book. You certainly do go above and beyond. We will certainly be recommending you to everyone and anyone who might be interested in visiting Alaska."
- Joe & Tayna R
"Thanks so much for a perfect trip!  I think you put together the PERFECT package to enable us to get to know Alaska as well as anyone could in 8 days.  We had a marvelous time, and I'm SO GLAD you switched the Flightseeing tour - the sunlight was golden and we had a 100% view of Denali (see below).  We had a wonderful time in Kenai and Crow Creek is a very pretty setting.  We made friends with Ted and Ann Marie (who wouldn't!) and I  understand that you continually called ahead to ensure all details were smooth." 
- Laura & Jon H
"Ever since our first trip with you 3 years ago, we have told anyone who even mentions that they are thinking of going to Alaska that they should check out Rainbow Mountain Adventures as the best way to see what Alaska has to offer. And for goodness sake, to stay off the big cruise ships.
Till the next time,"
- Janis G & Jeff B

"We had a marvelous time- we were so happy to be booked on small family run charters and spend time with the locals when we saw all the cruise ship buses. We would never have seen all that we did without our RMA family travel book."
- The Reed family

"This was truly one of the most enjoyable vacations I've ever experienced and you are to be congratulated. Your planning and attention to detail is excellent…We loved it all."

- Keith & Connie B.

"The tour was wonderful. It succeeded in offering an introduction to the many faces of Alaska - scenic, cultural and historical. Many of the activities allowed me to have a smaller, more personalized experience that I would have had if I coordinated the trip myself. The packet of background material also helped deepen the experience and understanding of the things encountered.

I highly recommend it!"

- Sandra B.

"Our trip to Alaska was magical! We felt pampered, educated and delighted. The weather was great (Denali was out!). The people were so eager to share their stories and pride in their beautiful state. We wanted to experience the flora, fauna, the culture, the beauty…and we did in spades!"

- Jo and Tom C.

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Alaska Travel Guest Book

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